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Funny Answer To Priest About Mother’s Bedtime Prayer

A priest is talking to a little boy at the end of the days service.

“So your Mom says prayers with you before you go to sleep, what prayer does she say?

The boy responds, “Well, usually she just says, Thank God he’s in bed.”

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Funny Conversation God and Man

Man: What’s a million years to you?

God: A minute.

Man: Well, what’s a million dollars to you?

God: A penny.

Man: Can I have a penny?

God: Sure, in a minute.

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Stay at Home Mom Joke, Funny Conversation Between Mother and Daughter

Funny conversation between Mother and Daughter

Mother to Daughter: “You know, one thing about retirement, Friday isn’t exciting anymore. It’s not the end of the work week, it’s just another day. In fact every day is Friday.”

Daughter to Mother: “I know just what you mean. Being a stay-at-home mom, every day is Monday!”

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Funny Things Little Girls Say

Funny conversation overheard between two little girls

Little Girl to Friend: “Boys only want one thing.”

Parent (thinking): “Oh know, the end of the age of innocence.”

Friend: “What’s that?”

Little Girl to Friend: “Video Games!”

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Teen Prom Joke, Funny Joke About Teenage Girls

Funny Teen Girls Conversation Overheard in School

Teen Girl to Friend: “For the prom, I’m renting a limo, spending $500 on a new dress and bringing in the best makeup artist in the state to do my hair.”

Teacher who has overheard the conversation: “Wow, that’s more than I spent for my wedding!”

Teen Girl: “Yeah, well you can get married three or four times, but a prom is a once in a lifetime experience.”

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Funny Things Kids Say To Parents

Overheard at a bookstore

Son: “Dad, does it really tell you how?”

Father: “How what?”

Son: “How to Kill A Mockingbird.”

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