Best Jokes

Mother to Daughter Advice85.0-1.0
Talking Parrot And Magician Joke144.9-1.0
Deathbed Joke94.9-1.0
Your Father's Side Of The Family Joke244.7-1.0
Mom and Child Bath Joke124.7-1.0
Funny Fail Pick Up Lines54.6-1.0
Wife's Birthday Joke114.5-1.0
Funny Things Tourists Do44.5-1.0
Funny Conversation God and Man374.4-1.0
Your Cat Died Joke274.4-1.0
No Pets Allowed Joke184.4-1.0
Top 10 One Line Aging Jokes84.4-1.0
Talking Greyhound Dog Joke64.3-1.0
Funny Quote About Work64.3-1.0
Meaning Of Dreams Joke64.3-1.0

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