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Dave bought himself a pet parrot from a pet store. The parrot was already fully grown and had a large vocabulary which included many swear words and dirty jokes.

Dave just do not know what to do it, he was not able to leave the parrot out when there was company because of his offensive vocabulary. He tried asking the parrot to stop swearing, he bought him language tapes, nothing worked.

One day completely fed up and frustrated Dave threw the parrot in the freezer. The parrot starts screeching and cursing as usual then there was complete silence. Concerned, Dave opened the freezer door and takes the parrot out.

The parrot apologizes to Dave for his language and promises to never again curse or tell dirty jokes. Dave was amazed by the change of behavior, but he didn’t want to say anything. The parrot starts talking again, “By the way, what did the chicken in the freezer do?”

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