Top 10 List Of Funny Excuses For Missing Work

  1. I couldn’t find a cute pair of shoes to wear.
  2. While driving to work I missed the turn, I decided to keep going.
  3. An invisible car came out of nowhere, slammed into my car and vanished.
  4. I won’t be in today.. uhm….I’ll call back later with my excuse.
  5. I’m having a bad hair day and I have to go home to wash it.
  6. My wife said she is going to conceive today, and I think I should be there.
  7. The dog ate my car keys. We’re going to walk to the veterinarian.
  8. I locked myself in the bathroom.
  9. My cat hid my car key, she gets lonely when I’m not here.
  10. I left the bedroom window open last night and in the morning it was too cold to get out of bed.
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