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Cheating Wife Joke

Tom is having trouble with his wife. He tells his psychiatrist about his troubles.

“Doctor, I don’t know what to. Every night my wife goes to a bar, gets drunk, and picks up the first guy who talks to her. She is sleeping with the entire city and it’s driving me crazy!”

The psychiatrist says to Tom, “Calm down, calm down, it’s going to be OK. Now tell me exactly where this bar is located.”

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Funny Cemetery Joke

Funny Conversation Overheard at The Cemetery

A crowd gathers at the Cemetery, as an elderly women’s burial service is finishing up.

As they lower the lady into her grave, there is a load outburst of thunder with flashes of lighting.

“Yep, she’s there” says the husband to the shaken priest.

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Funny Long Marriage Joke

Funny Conversation Overheard

Old Man reminiscing in a nursing home:

“Yes, my wife and I, we had a long and loving marriage. Bless her soul, we had 40 happy years together. Out of 50, that’s not too bad!”

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Mom, Why Is Your Hair Turning White Joke

A little girl is watching her mother in the kitchen. She notices some strands of her mothers hair are tuning white.

“Mom,” she asks “Why is some of your hair turning white?”

Annoyed, her mother responds “Because I have a little girl who is constantly making trouble and causing me to worry.”

The little girl thinks about it for a few minutes and says, “Mom, so why is Grandma’s hair all white?”

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Wedding Anniversary Joke

Frank and Annette are at a party celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary together with friends and family at a nice restaurant. Frank doesn’t look so happy and his friend Michael a lawyer notices and goes over to him and asks him what’s wrong.

Frank says, “Remember fifteen years ago I asked you what would happen if I killed my wife Annette?”

“Yes, I do” replies Michael “I told you would get fifteen years in prison.”

“Well today I would have been a free man!” replies Frank.

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I’ve Lost My Wife Joke

Don goes up to a beautiful women in the mall and says, “I’ve lost my wife, would you do me a favor and talk to me for a few minutes.”

Puzzled, she asks him how talking to him would help him his wife again.

Don replies, “Well, whenever I talk to gorgeous woman my wife aways turns up out of nowhere.”

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Rich Father-In-Law Joke

On his wedding day Dave’s father-in-law Lewis came up to him and said, “For your wedding present I decided to make you a partner my business all I need to know from now is what department you would like to start working in. What about sales?”

“I’m no good in sales.” said Dave.

“Ok, how about marketing?” said his father-in-law.

“I’m not good with people.” said Dave.

After a bit of though Dave replied, “I have a much better idea. How about are you buying me out.”

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Stay at Home Mom Joke, Funny Conversation Between Mother and Daughter

Funny conversation between Mother and Daughter

Mother to Daughter: “You know, one thing about retirement, Friday isn’t exciting anymore. It’s not the end of the work week, it’s just another day. In fact every day is Friday.”

Daughter to Mother: “I know just what you mean. Being a stay-at-home mom, every day is Monday!”

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Teen Prom Joke, Funny Joke About Teenage Girls

Funny Teen Girls Conversation Overheard in School

Teen Girl to Friend: “For the prom, I’m renting a limo, spending $500 on a new dress and bringing in the best makeup artist in the state to do my hair.”

Teacher who has overheard the conversation: “Wow, that’s more than I spent for my wedding!”

Teen Girl: “Yeah, well you can get married three or four times, but a prom is a once in a lifetime experience.”

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Funny Things Kids Say To Parents

Overheard at a bookstore

Son: “Dad, does it really tell you how?”

Father: “How what?”

Son: “How to Kill A Mockingbird.”

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