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Telling Child You’re Pregnant Joke

Being a first grade teacher can be very amusing. It’s especially entertaining to hear how they describe what’s going on in the family. For instance, when Harry told be that his mom was having a baby, he was glowing! He was so excited that he reminded me about it every day. Suddenly, one day, he didn’t mention a word about it. Out of my concern I questioned him why. “Well”, he replied, “last night my mom told me that I can feel the baby moving in her stomach, I’m afraid she must have eaten it!”

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Joke About Child And Daddy Hanging From A Ladder

Hanging From A Ladder funny

“Mom, I just knocked over the ladder in the backyard!”

“Oh, well tell your Daddy.”

“He knows. He’s hanging from the roof.”

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Funny Childs Question About Weddings

“Why is the bride wearing all white?” asks the little child to her mother.

Her mother replies, “White is the color of purity and happiness, and today is the brides happiest day.”

The little girl thinks about that for a moment and then asks, “So why is the groom wearing all black”?

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Christmas Present Joke

A little girl comes running into the kitchen a few days before Christmas.

“Mom, guess what, you know how I’ve been asking you for a stroller for my doll for Christmas.”

“Yes,” her mother slowly replies.

“Well, you don’t have to get me one, we already have one, I just found one under your bed! Could you get me a doll house instead?”

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Funny Answer To Priest About Mother’s Bedtime Prayer

A priest is talking to a little boy at the end of the days service.

“So your Mom says prayers with you before you go to sleep, what prayer does she say?

The boy responds, “Well, usually she just says, Thank God he’s in bed.”

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Funny Why I Didn’t Do My Homework Excuse

Kid to Teacher:

Well I was watching my dog so he wouldn’t eat my homework….but then my hamster went and shredded it for his nest.

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Father-In-Law Money Joke

Father to daughter upon her announcing her engagement:

“What does he do? Does he have any money?”

Daughter: “You men are all alike. That’s the first thing he asked me about you!”

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Ring The Doorbell And Run, Funny Jokes about Kids

A man is walking down the street. He sees a small child trying to ring a doorbell. The doorbell is too high for him to reach.  He asks the boy if he would like some help.

The boy says yes.

The man walks over and rings the doorbell.  He asks the boy,

“Is there anything else I can do for you?”

The boy responses, “Yes, run like hell!”

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Mom, Why Is Your Hair Turning White Joke

A little girl is watching her mother in the kitchen. She notices some strands of her mothers hair are tuning white.

“Mom,” she asks “Why is some of your hair turning white?”

Annoyed, her mother responds “Because I have a little girl who is constantly making trouble and causing me to worry.”

The little girl thinks about it for a few minutes and says, “Mom, so why is Grandma’s hair all white?”

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Stay at Home Mom Joke, Funny Conversation Between Mother and Daughter

Funny conversation between Mother and Daughter

Mother to Daughter: “You know, one thing about retirement, Friday isn’t exciting anymore. It’s not the end of the work week, it’s just another day. In fact every day is Friday.”

Daughter to Mother: “I know just what you mean. Being a stay-at-home mom, every day is Monday!”

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