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Caught Cheating On Her Joke

Adam And Eve In Garden, cheating joke

Eve thinks Adam may be cheating on her. He’s goes out at night and doesn’t come back till early in the morning.

Eve finally figures out how to tell if Adam is cheating on her. One night while Adam is sleeping she leans over and counts his ribs.

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Husband Having Affair Joke

Mrs. And Mr. Smith were asleep one night when the phone starts ringing.

Mrs. Smith picks up the phone, listens for a few seconds, and says, “How the hell should I know, it’s 100 miles away.” and slams down the phone.

Mr Smith asks his wife, “Who was that?”

Mrs. Smith responds, “Some crazy lady. She wanted to know if the coast was clear.”

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Cheating Wife Joke

Tom is having trouble with his wife. He tells his psychiatrist about his troubles.

“Doctor, I don’t know what to. Every night my wife goes to a bar, gets drunk, and picks up the first guy who talks to her. She is sleeping with the entire city and it’s driving me crazy!”

The psychiatrist says to Tom, “Calm down, calm down, it’s going to be OK. Now tell me exactly where this bar is located.”

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