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Health Insurance Joke

Funny Hospital Gown

Q. How is Health insurance just like a hospital gown.

A. You only think you’re covered.

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Corny Flattened By Steam Roller Joke For Kids

Flattened by Steamroller
Did you hear about the man who was flattened by a steam roller?

He’s in the hospital, rooms 30 through 35.

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Mental Patient Joke

The psychiatrist moves close to the young man in the hospital room. He is staring straight ahead oblivious to his surroundings. Suddenly he starts yelling, “I can’t see! I can’t see!”

Taken aback, the psychiatrist turns to the boy’s mother who is sitting nearby, “Has long has this been going on?”

“Ever since you stepped in front of the TV.” is the lackadaisical response.

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Customer Service Representative Joke

Karen, a Customer Service Rep was in the hospital for an operation.

Her family gathered in her room waiting for her to wake up after the operation. The sound of the beeping of the electronic equipment in the background began to grow on everyone’s nerves.

To Karen, however the sounds must have reassured her for the sounds were the same as the one played at work when a new customer was on the line. As she began to wake up her family gathered around her. Suddenly Karen jumped up and said, “Hi this is Karen, How can I help you?”

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Did You Order A Rabbi Joke

A Rabbi walks over to a nurse at the Hospital and said “Hello Nurse, I got a call that a patient wants to see me but I can’t remember who it was.”

The nurse takes a guess and walks into a patients room, wakes her up, and asks “Did you ask for a Rabbi?”

“No” the patient says sleepily “I ordered the chef’s salad”


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