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Husband Having Affair Joke

Mrs. And Mr. Smith were asleep one night when the phone starts ringing.

Mrs. Smith picks up the phone, listens for a few seconds, and says, “How the hell should I know, it’s 100 miles away.” and slams down the phone.

Mr Smith asks his wife, “Who was that?”

Mrs. Smith responds, “Some crazy lady. She wanted to know if the coast was clear.”

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Corny Snowmen Joke

Two snowmen are standing in a yard talking to each other when one stops and says, “Say, do you smell carrots?”

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Funny Eskimo Lost In The Desert Joke

A man is lost in the hot desert for days. Suddenly he looks up and sees a pack a dogs pulling an Eskimo on a sled.

The dehydrated desperate man says to the Eskimo, “I’m lost. Can You help me?”

The Eskimo says back, “You think you’re lost!”

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