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Funny Why I Didn’t Do My Homework Excuse

Kid to Teacher: Well I was watching my dog so he wouldn’t eat my homework….but then my hamster went and shredded it for his nest.

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Ring The Doorbell And Run, Funny Jokes about Kids

A man is walking down the street. He sees a small child trying to ring a doorbell. The doorbell is too high for him to reach.  He asks the boy if he would like some help. The boy says yes. … Read Complete Joke

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Funny Things Little Girls Say

Funny conversation overheard between two little girls Little Girl to Friend: “Boys only want one thing.” Parent (thinking): “Oh know, the end of the age of innocence.” Friend: “What’s that?” Little Girl to Friend: “Video Games!”

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Funny Things Kids Say To Parents

Overheard at a bookstore Son: “Dad, does it really tell you how?” Father: “How what?” Son: “How to Kill A Mockingbird.”

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Funny Christmas Present Joke

It’s Christmas morning and five-year old John has finished opening his gifts. Unfortunately for John he has received lots of clothes and not as many toys as he was anticipating. “John, where are you going?” His mother asks. “Upstairs to … Read Complete Joke

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Teacher Joke About Nosy Students

Joan, a third grade teacher was speaking privately with one of her students at their desk. It soon became obvious that the boy in the next desk was listening to the private conversation. “Do you know what ‘mind your own … Read Complete Joke

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