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Funny Long Marriage Joke

Funny Conversation Overheard Old Man reminiscing in a nursing home: “Yes, my wife and I, we had a long and loving marriage. Bless her soul, we had 40 happy years together. Out of 50, that’s not too bad!”

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So Cheap Joke

Dave has been a cheap tight-wad his whole life. His family gathers around him as he lies on his death bed. Dave peers up at them and asks, “Is everybody here? Where’s Bessie?” “I’m here.” his wife says. “The kids?” … Read Complete Joke

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Cute Grandchildren Joke

A little girl was sitting on her grandmothers lap as she read her a book. She repeatedly touched her grandmothers cheek and then her own fascinated by the difference. “Grandma” she asked, “Did God make you?” “Yes dear,” Grandma replied, … Read Complete Joke

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Not Attractive Anymore Joke, Marriage Jokes

Rachel and Jennifer, married older women, are been friends for years. Rachel doesn’t think her husband finds her attractive any more. “As I get older my husband doesn’t look at me anymore.” she complains to Jennifer. “Really, it’s the opposite … Read Complete Joke

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Music Gone Bad Joke

When you are about 45 something terrible always happens to music.

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Top 10 One Line Aging Jokes

You know you’re old when you take a nap to get ready for bed. You know you’re old when your head makes dates your body can’t keep. You know you’re old when you use valet parking to avoid losing your car. You know … Read Complete Joke

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Aging Joke One Liners

As we grow older our bodies get smaller yet our stories stretch longer and longer!

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Aging New Mother Joke

Monica, a single woman in her 60′s had never had children, but she desperately wanted a baby. Thanks to modern technology and a fertility doctor she finally had a baby. When she got home from the hospital her friends came … Read Complete Joke

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Rich Old Man Joke

A rich penny-pinching elderly man is on his deathbed. He turns to his long-suffering wife and says, “I want to take my money with me when I die. Promise me you’ll put it in the coffin with me.” His wife … Read Complete Joke

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Old Man Gym Joke

An older man was working out at the gym. He was not in good shape, but he perked up when he spotted a gorgeous young woman stretching on the other side of the gym. He finally caught the trainer’s eye … Read Complete Joke

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