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Cheating Wife Joke

Tom is having trouble with his wife. He tells his psychiatrist about his troubles. “Doctor, I don’t know what to. Every night my wife goes to a bar, gets drunk, and picks up the first guy who talks to her. … Read Complete Joke

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Psychiatrist Can’t Keep Secrets Joke

Three psychiatrist are talking about how everyone comes to them with their problems but they have no one to go to with their problems. They agree to share their problems with each other. The first psychiatrist says, “I’m addicted to … Read Complete Joke

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Mental Patient Joke

The psychiatrist moves close to the young man in the hospital room. He is staring straight ahead oblivious to his surroundings. Suddenly he starts yelling, “I can’t see! I can’t see!” Taken aback, the psychiatrist turns to the boy’s mother … Read Complete Joke

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Psychiatrist Joke, One Liners

A psychiatrist is a man who will listen to you as long as you don’t make sense.

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Wife Like A Psychiatrist Joke

What’s the difference between your psychiatrist and your wife? The psychiatrist will ask you the same questions she does, only she asks them for free.  

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Psychiatrist Help Joke

A man was attacked and left bleeding in a ditch. Two psychiatrists passed by, and one said to the other, “We must find the man who did this—he needs help.”

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A Penny For Your Thoughts Joke

“A penny for your thoughts” is one expression you’ll never hear your Psychiatrist say.

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