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Funny Lumberjack Joke, Desert Or Forest

A skinny lumberjack shows up at a lumber camp looking for work. He is told, “You don’t have what it takes. We’re looking for someone big and strong.” The skinny lumberjack replies, “Give me a chance to show you what … Read Complete Joke

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Funny Flight Attendant One Liners, Airplane Jokes

Funny Flight Attendant Announcement Please decide what you will be doing before you enter the lavatory, as once you enter there is no turning around.

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Funny Joke About Divorce Again

Interviewer to applicant applying for job at Citrus Grove. “Do you have any experience picking Lemons?” “Well, I’ve been divorced four times”

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Genie Joke Three Wishes

The CEO is in a cab with his two Senior Manager on the way to a business lunch. In the cab is an odd-looking lamp. The CEO picks it up and rubs it and a genie appears. The genie looks … Read Complete Joke

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Customer Service Representative Joke

Karen, a Customer Service Rep was in the hospital for an operation. Her family gathered in her room waiting for her to wake up after the operation. The sound of the beeping of the electronic equipment in the background began … Read Complete Joke

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