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Biology Teacher Joke For Kids

Frog Joke
The absentminded Biology teacher started off his class by saying, “Today we are going to dissect a frog.”

He unwraps some paper at his desk and reveals a sandwich.

After a bit of silence he mutters, “That’s funny I distinctly remember eating lunch earlier!”

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Funny Why I Didn’t Do My Homework Excuse

Kid to Teacher:

Well I was watching my dog so he wouldn’t eat my homework….but then my hamster went and shredded it for his nest.

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Teen Prom Joke, Funny Joke About Teenage Girls

Funny Teen Girls Conversation Overheard in School

Teen Girl to Friend: “For the prom, I’m renting a limo, spending $500 on a new dress and bringing in the best makeup artist in the state to do my hair.”

Teacher who has overheard the conversation: “Wow, that’s more than I spent for my wedding!”

Teen Girl: “Yeah, well you can get married three or four times, but a prom is a once in a lifetime experience.”

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Teacher Joke About Nosy Students

Joan, a third grade teacher was speaking privately with one of her students at their desk.

It soon became obvious that the boy in the next desk was listening to the private conversation.

“Do you know what ‘mind your own business means’?” She asked him sarcastically.

From across the room a boy shouted, “I do! I do!”

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