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Bad Date Escape Joke

Jack and Susan are on a blind date at a nice restaurant.

The date is going terrible and Jack just wants to leave, but he can’t because they are waiting for the main course to arrive.

Fortunately, Jack, an experienced dater has foreseen this happening and has arraigned with a friend to call him midway through the date to see how things are going.

His friend finally calls his cell phone, Jack answers, listens for a minute and says, “Oh No!”. He hangs up and tells Susan, “I have to go my grandmother just died.”

Susan, also an experience dater says, “Thank goodness, my grandmother was about to die!”

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Breaking Up Joke

“Breaking up is like trying to tip over a Coke machine. You can’t do it in one push. You have to rock it back and forth a couple of times.” —Jerry Seinfeld

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